How to Join Illuminati Secret Society

Join the great illuminati society you will have to submit your full names ,here we need your real names,surname.your area or location,here you have to send your area of residence ,city and country where you come from originally .you need to show up your of life or on how you live,occupation or work,monthly earnings ,a list of reasons why you want to join the wealth family of the new world join the illuminati you need have your personal desires .these includes the personal interests as a joined member and attached to the wealth group.of the illuminati. such interests may include money,#love,#wealth,#becoming a celebrity,becoming famous .required is the phone number with your email,this is to help in communication you must be having with the members of the illuminati .most important you need to send a photo / picture of you who want to join the illuminati fraternity.all the above will be used to have your file opened up for verification at the main headquarters .once you are accepted then further official application is followed this leads to your new begining of illumination in the illuminaty society of the new world order.for more information about on how to join you can directly call /whatsapp your agent on +27658719865


1.I will require you the the certificate of oath as an illuminati member of the illuminati fraternity in the new world order.
The traditional illuminati ring and official signing will be officially processed before you can carry on with the initiation ceremony proceedings for the activation of the illuminati rings .This all together will need you to pay the processing fee of upto R2000 once you are with in south Africa and for the interested members out side south Africa and other parts of the world like for exemplary #U.S.A,UNITED KINGDOM (UK),UNITED. U.A.E .DUBAI AND THE REST, It will be standard payment of $ 200 US DOLLARS Once all is cleared then official registration is done after the approval of your official registration then ready then to receive your illuminati identification card as a true and trusted member in the top secret society of the wealth group.